Who cares about your identity and originality?

Preemptor helps you identify yourself during

College or University

  • Ensure to your future employers and recruiters that you were in compliance with Academic Integrity.
  • Get your Originality Score and show it off on your resume.
  • Save you time studying online and prove you are in compliance with academic integrity.


  • Helping you save time during telemedicine by validating your identity for doctors.
  • Avoiding self-pictures and preserving privacy.
  • Helping you keep your privacy.

Certification Exam

  • Providing your certification exams remotely with the same compliance compared to the physical sessions.
  • Ask your certification providers if they are using Preemptor.
  • The number of companies already using Preemptor increases continuously.

Why is it important to have a Preemptor originality score on your résumé and what does it mean to your employers?

  • By eliminating doubts in regard to plagiarism and cheating, you become an accredited professional.
  • As a Preemptor user, you build up your originality score according to your original academic and scientific production.
  • Your originality score reflects academic integrity and can be an evidence of no plagiarism nor cheating behavior.
  • With a high originality score, you not only become an accredited professional but also contribute to timesaving during recruitment analysis.
  • As a Preemptor user, you enhance your career through credibility.

Why is it important to have this AI identity verifier?

  • Preemptor identity verifier will save you time during identity verification processes.
  • It will prevent someone from impersonating you and stealing your credentials and online identity.
  • Preemptor AI will protect you from cybercrimes related to personal credentials.
  • It will use a biometric typing cadence to identify you in online transactions.

Preemptor Business
Partnership Program

For Colleges
and Universities

If Preemptor is already present in the college or university you are enrolled in, you can request your 80% discount on the regular price plan, and you will be granted this discount for the whole course period. This is one of Preemptor’s commitments with education. If your instructors and professors are still not a Preemptor user, engage them in this innovative and easy-to-use tool!


As Preemptor users, both patient and physician can benefit from the time-saving its identity verification system provides. The platform’s safe environment promotes a better consultation and helps keeping the patient’s privacy, with no need for embarrassing self-pictures as identity proof. If your doctor is not aware of Preemptor yet, let them know about this useful and trustworthy system.

Accreditation Bodies

When you take a certification exam using Preemptor, it can contribute to your Originality Score. Therefore, getting certified by an official accreditation body will boost your resume both as a certificate and as a raise in your Originality Score. Find out if the certification exam you are taking is already a partner of Preemptor, so you can benefit from all the advantages it has to offer. If the accreditation body you are dealing with is not linked to the Preemptor system yet, let us know.

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